003: The Lasalle College of the Arts Studio Tour

Learning and having the ability to handle a state-of-the-art facility does imparts a transferable skill; Making one able to work at a variety of environments. From fancy recording studio facilities to the smallest bedrooms in the world. For the duration of my 3 years in Lasalle College of the Arts, I was able to learn the ins and outs of this state of the art recording studio ( A.K.A C201 ) being able to incorporate such a workflow in my own practice, and in Line In Records.


Giving the musicians a greater ability to produce better takes and results is essential, as an engineer I highly relied on my interpersonal skills as well as the atmosphere of the space to make the artists more comfortable. The Live Rooms In C201 helped me with such tasks. It has 3 rooms that has acoustics that vary as you walk around the hall. Some areas more dead than others. Of course inner booths are much more dead than the main live room, but the application varies. Being able to set up the musicians anywhere to where we feel the musician would have the most comfort and where the instrument would sound its best.

Aside from this being a room for recording, The live room can also be used as a makeshift control room, having recordings done with the engineer inside. With its versatility and flexibility anything, out of the blue, can be done. Of course the need for creativity is there.


The control room is where most of the brain and bronze take place. This is where takes are cut and mixes are bounced. the producer, and the engineer normally sits here during the pre, post & the production stage, while In some instances the guitarist or bassist record here, while their instrument is being sent out to the live room. In this room mixing and mastering is highly practiced as well, especially when the engineer would like to have an analog feel incorporated into their mixes. A hybrid approach (Analog & Digital) is also possible, using the analog board and gear as well as computer plugins to craft a mix that is interesting.

Monitoring here is kept as important as well. Here we have 3 sets of monitors, so that we know it sounds good on multiple sources. This is important especially if you’d want your mixes to sound outstanding in multiple areas. Variety is highly regarded, so we get accustomed to different pro audio gear.


The brain of the entire studio. This is where most of the equipment, such as microphones, cables, power, and a ton of the other portable equipment, is stored. This is also where the main console is being powered, having all the Digital to Analog conversion happening in here as well. It is the room that has the most technicality across the entire studio.

Photo By: Eugene Ng ( https://sites.google.com/a/lasalle.edu.sg/c201studio/lists )


Having learnt and worked  in this pristine studio has been a true honour. It gave me an insight on how the industry really is  and how one should respond to it being fast paced. Here I learnt to work with a variety of characters and gear, that it has made me the engineer I am today. With all that I have learnt here, I am able to translate into Line In Records and modernise the way engineering is done in SEA