002: My Touring Rig

As a studio engineer, touring can be a hefty task, especially when involved in small budgeted productions. In this case I love bringing a set of tools (a.k.a. my touring rig) everywhere I go.

This helps me run the session at its highest efficiency, eventually creating a working environment that is beneficial for the artist and the engineer. Whether the session is in a fully equipped facility or an empty space, I have all of this ready for me in my Pelican case.

Normally in these scenarios the luxury of time is not of the essence.


When travelling, a good audio interface is a must. Choosing one that is durable, has a great sound, and is compact. I love using Apogee’s element series, because of its versatility. Being able to control everything  inside one software. From gain, to EQ's to pads, I am generally able to just have it in my case, snap it out and start the session.


Another important aspect of the recording world would be the use of microphones. Normally choosing your microphone arsenal is key. This keeps you on the go and creates an overall workflow efficiency in the session. Knowing what to place and where to place such microphones tightens up your workflow, especially when time is of the essence.  In my recording rig I keep 3 main microphones - An SM57, an SM7B, and an AKG C214. Everything thing I need for versatility and for an extra sound candy, especially when the studio doesn’t have such.

Main Usages

SM57: Snares & Guitars

SM7B: Vocals, Snare, Kick, High - Hats, Bass, Guitar.

C214: Vocals, Overheads, Snare, High - Hats, Kick, Guitars & Bass


In my travelling rig, I bring around with me my trusty  Beyerdynamic DT770. Accustomed to its overall sound, I would from time to time reference recordings and mixes on it. This is to get a clearer perspective of the entirety of the songs I am recording, mixing, or mastering. During recording, I normally would have the artist pick between a pair of  headphones or earphones, This allows them to be comfortable while recording with the expectation of what they want to hear in their ears, eventually leading to an impeccable performance.

Misc Items

Nik Naks are items I like to bring with me wherever I go. These are tools  that I don’t necessarily need, however may help me during the session. This includes converters, power supplies, extra shock mounts, usb hubs, and even an extra interface. Sessions are very unpredictable, that anything can just happen anytime,, so it’s best to be prepared for anything to happen.


Last but not least is my trusty Mac book. One of the main brains behind the entire process. From recording, to mixing to mastering, this is where a large chunk of the the creative process happens. Everything I need to make is inside this. Whether im in Asia, or travelling around the world, this is where I place a big chunk of my creative juices.