001: Who I Am & What I Do

Sound Engineering is an art and a science that deals with the technical aspect of sound from music to film to live events. Whether large or small scale, It is considered as an art which is prevalent in every form of entertainment —-making it one of the most demanding industries today.

When I was younger, I always admired the recording process. It was such that I spent the entirety of my weekends in my bedroom writing, recording and mixing my own tracks and showing it to family and friends the following week. It was an activity I enjoyed and didn’t want to give up. In my final year of high-school I made a decision to take it further.

Studying audio production in one of the most prominent art universities in Asia, Lasalle College of the Arts. Entering with the desire to be a producer, I was taken aback with my first real taste of the audio production process. After finishing a semester, I was inspired to take the leap, completely jumping to learn and grow as an audio engineer and to specialize. And so, after a year of practicing and doing voluntary work I opened an audio servicing start up called Line In Records.

It started out with the dream of taking the company global. Whether it was voice over recording, or it was music, I accepted opportunities that would come my way. A year later after being introduced to new people and really working to the end goal, I noticed I started growing my client base not just in Singapore but also in the Philippines. A few months ahead I found myself working with Universal Records, arguably one of the biggest labels in the Philippines.

Now with the experiences and knowledge that I have gained in opening up my own business and studying sound engineering, I’ve decided to move back to my hometown and blaze trail as I build on Line In Records and take it global.