Nikhil Amarnani - Founder 


Nikhil Amarnani is a recording engineer, mix engineer,  and entrepreneur, who is invested in helping artists find their musical vision while providing the highest quality of production.

​In 2016, Nikhil entered Lasalle College of the Arts to pursue his education as an audio engineer which later on sparked him to focus more on the recording and mixing aspects of the audio industry. Being born and raised in  the Phlippines, Nikhil decided to move back and open up the Line In Records recording studio & online store. 

Currently  Nikhi is working with multiple artists in both the indie and label sector around South East Asia at the same time he  represent Solid State Logic Asia in the Philippines. 

With his enthusiasm, flexibility, and passion, Nikhil is able to work very well with different genres and bring out the best in these artists.


Raywaynezayne - Chief  Mastering Engineer

An unduly inquisitive creature, Raywyn Zayne started out in 2014 as a Live Sound Engineer who was introduced to the art of Mastering while enrolled in Audio Production at LASALLE College of the Arts. Since then, Raywyn has devoted his time to the ever-evolving, ever-changing art-form. Being a versatile engineer, his works span across genres, including hardcore punk, praise and worship, electronic pop, classical works, and more.
Raywyn is serving as an Associate Mastering Engineer with Noivil Studios (Singapore), Line In Records (Philippines), and Voice of Retaliation Records (Italy), and as a Teaching Assistant with LASALLE College of the Arts.